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Can you hear the sound of the waves? What do you know about water? 

The world of the oceans and its inhabitants

The sea is a complete universe that holds so many surprises, both in terms of its grandeur and the adventures it has given rise to over the centuries for all those who have braved it. The sea is the one that inspires so many songs, and contains species as fantastic as each other. And among these species, there's one that's often forgotten by all, but which has its importance. Its dress floats through the waters, it's the elegant fish that criss-crosses this blue universe, populating seas from Northern Europe to South Africa. More accustomed to temperatures above 20°C, the manta ray lives mainly in tropical and subtropical waters around the globe.

The Ray and its elegance

The ray is a cartilaginous fish belonging to the rajiform family. Although rare, its family comprises 36 species, which makes it unique.

All skates, whatever their species, have the same base, the head and the flat fins forming this disk called the coat. The ray's finery depends on its species; some wear spines, thorns or roundels, and the patterns printed on its coat are unique to each. This is why the meaning of its totem links it to elegance.

The stingray has its own unique finery, and each dress is different: colored and striped, the various and varied prints make it possible to recognize them by species. The ray is synonymous with elegance, and its spirituality and totem are identified with people of the same character trait. After all, each person has his or her own spirit animal.

Spiritual significance of the ray totem

The Stingray has a good sense of direction, enabling it to navigate the complicated emotional waters of life to emerge victorious. The meaning of "ray" speaks of sensitivity and the need to blend into one's environment to create peace and harmony.

Cautious by nature, she doesn't react immediately to situations, sometimes taking a step back and not daring to commit. Protection enables her to avoid conflict, and if that fails, she remains ready to defend herself. This animal also reminds us not to overreact to our feelings. Take the time to make your mark, while maintaining balance.

If elegance is your daily routine, if you know how to protect yourself and remain cautious while learning to manage your emotions with care, the stingray is for you. Think about your actions, don't rely too much on raw feelings.


The Ray, an endangered species

This magnificent ray is becoming increasingly rare, as it has a very low reproductive capacity, especially compared to other fish species. "While other fish produce hundreds of thousands of eggs, a stingray lays only ten to a hundred eggs a year. After fertilization, the females deposit their egg capsules on the seabed, where they hatch a few months later." Thus, they are vulnerable to fishing, but they are not alone since 1⁄3 of cartilaginous species fish are threatened with extinction.

Reserves of skate to the west of the British Isles and also in the North Sea are already well depleted, as is that of white skate to the west of the British Isles. But the situation is easing, as more and more people become aware of this phenomenon and take action to help skates and other species. Our partner, APECS, is dedicated to rays and sharks. This association conducts scientific and educational programs to better understand and promote these often threatened species, with a view to their conservation.

Too unknown, full of surprises, the kingdom of the waters eludes us, and yet there is a whole and harmonious life in this blue world.


And because the stingray is synonymous with elegance, we offer a refined ray bracelet made in France by talented artists.

This bracelet helps to save rays, and can even give you protection if the ray looks like you (see explanation in the article).

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