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Dolphin Spirit animal : Symbolism and meaning

They are associated with water spirits among the Maoris in New Zealand and considered divine symbols in Ancient Greece. In France and around the world, dolphins are much-loved animals.
Meaning: Joy, Inner Strength, Harmony et Softness

The dolphin is a free spirit animal, a symbol of harmony and joy. 

They are associated with water spirits among the Maoris in New Zealand and considered divine symbols in Ancient Greece. In France and around the world, dolphins are much-loved animals.

Its awareness, intelligence, strong psychic abilities and impressive social skills make it an animal that people love and hold close to their hearts.

The dolphin spirit animal has many qualities and strong symbolism. It generally represents peace and harmony. This animal of the seas and oceans is joyful, graceful, compassionate, intelligent, generous and protective. It also symbolizes cooperation and freedom.  

Its energy is positive and it is often a symbol of love, life and joy.

Symbol of peace and harmony

Dolphins are creatures of particular and fascinating intelligence. These animals can be creative, and they develop significant learning abilities. Their individual and social behavior is unique among marine mammals. For example, they always live in harmony with the species they come into contact with in the water, but also with human beings! They generally like to play in the ocean with boats or bathers. 

The dolphin spirit animal will transmit to you its balance, pacifism and gentle nature. It teaches you how to live together, even with people who are different from you and with whom you don't necessarily have an affinity. He will show you the way to live with these people in the best possible conditions. 

He is a spiritual guide who urges us to live together in peace. It helps us find the best in ourselves. With the dolphin totem in your life, you can bring peace and gentleness to those around you.

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The dolphin is an animal with great inner strength

These animals of the seas and oceans show great courage in the wild. Dolphins don't hesitate to fight sharks or orcas that cross their path and threaten them. They draw on their great inner strength and are not afraid.

If the dolphin spirit animal presents itself to you, it may be to set you back on the right path. It will guide you towards honesty and help you share your moral convictions.  

The dolphin also helps you regain your self-confidence when you feel disoriented. 

Symbolism of cooperation

Dolphins are highly social animals, with a great ability to communicate in the water and with their bodies. Among themselves, they develop strategies for defending themselves against predators, for hunting and for feeding. These marine mammals always live in groups and are an excellent model of teamwork, just like bees. 

Mutual aid and cooperation are among the positive traits of the dolphin spirit animal. It helps you to show solidarity with those around you. When you see someone in difficulty, it will guide you to defend or help that person.

This guide will put you on the path to altruism. It teaches you to banish aggression, bitterness and anger. Thanks to its presence, you'll be able to be more helpful, more sensitive and more open to the people around you.

You'll receive the dolphin's empathy, and even if this isn't your primary goal, it will help you create new social relationships in your life. The dolphin also accompanies you in creating strong, lasting friendships.

A symbol of luck and protection

In New Zealand's Maori mythology, the dolphin is seen as a guide to help lost ships return to land. Around the world, sailors see dolphins as a good omen. They have a strong protective symbolism that can be traced back to Greek and Roman civilizations. Dolphins sometimes rescue humans in danger. 

Sensitive and intelligent, the dolphin can come to your aid when your friends or family are facing a difficult situation. He'll help you support them in difficult times. Thanks to him, you'll be better able to console them and alleviate their pain or suffering.

A cheerful, mischievous spirit animal

Dolphins are also known for their playfulness. They are clever and intelligent. They learn quickly, thanks to their playfulness. 

If the otter is the most playful animal of all, the dolphin will also encourage your sense of humor and mischievous side. It helps you rediscover your childlike spirit and let yourself be carefree and playful. It's important in life to be able to relax without thinking about all your responsibilities.  

The dolphin's spiritual guide invites you to enjoy the simple things in life. He has a hyper-positive effect on you and always transmits his joie de vivre. 

The dolphin symbolizes freedom

Did you know that dolphins can swim over 100km a day? For them, water is a playground that nature has given them. They love to move around in all the space the ocean has to offer. Captivity is their worst nightmare!

Sometimes you may feel a strong desire for freedom when you feel trapped in your daily life or in a situation that doesn't suit you. The dolphin totem can help you get your life back on track. It's normal to feel the weight of your obligations weighing down on you, and to have the impression of being trapped. The spirit of the dolphin will help you feel lighter. It will show you how to escape this situation and feel free despite your ties.

You'll feel better in body and spirit with the dolphin totem animal in your life.

Protector of the oceans and friend of mankind, the dolphin is an animal with a big heart and unique beauty. Its empathy is second to none. They also have excellent communication skills. With this spirit guide in your life, you'll benefit from its gentleness, sociability and friendliness. Your desire to help others will be greater than ever, and your friends and family will know they can count on you.

The Dolphin totem gives you a new lease on life. Joie de vivre, freedom, humor and cunning, generosity and tranquility are all aspects that the dolphin spirit animal brings to the fore. Its joyful energy, generous heart and gentleness will accompany you every day.

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Bonjour vous avez bien trouvé mon animal totem c’est tout à fait ça. Merci

Bonjour vous avez bien trouvé mon animal totem c’est tout à fait ça. Merci

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