nouvelle collection made in france

New collection made in France

We are proud to present the new spirit animals totem jewelry collection. Made in France.

The start

When we started Fauna about 1 year ago, we wanted to manufacture in France. But after some research into French manufacturers, the minimum quantities required and the cost didn't allow us to take such a risk.

So we approached international manufacturers with general pet designs. This enabled us to test our concept, without taking a big financial risk, while keeping in mind our initial objective of manufacturing in France.


8 months later and thanks to the enthusiasm and satisfaction surrounding our jewelry, we were able to approach the few French manufacturers to present our project. After travelling to the 4 corners of France and numerous negotiations, we found a partner to manufacture our jewelry. At the same time, we worked with a talented illustrator and the help of our community to create the design for our new collection.

French manufacturing

We are now proud to present the new spirit animals totem jewelry collection. These designs are our own and have been registered. All manufacturing is done in France: casting, pewter casting and plating are done by a family business near Marseille. We take care of assembly and shipping at our premises in Montreuil. Only the chains are made in Spain, as there are no longer any French manufacturers. But they are plated with gold or silver by our French manufacturer. The cords are also made in France from recycled clothing fibers and plastic by another partner in the Lot region.

jewelry spirit animals


We'd like to introduce you to our new graphic identity and website, more in line with our values and mission.

As you requested, a flyer describing the spirit animal is now in the parcel (in recycled paper, of course!).

The jewel is placed on a paper card that has been seeded to give it a second life.

We're listening to our community, and we'll be offering more new products in the near future...


It's a source of great pride for us that, in addition to contributing to the animal cause through our awareness-raising and donations, we're also contributing to French know-how and local consumption, while respecting the planet with our eco-responsible approach (packaging, logistics...). Find out more about our commitments on this page.

We hope to see you soon,

Maori, Fauna founder

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