Animal Totem Gorille : Symboliques et significations

Gorilla spirit animal : Symbolism and meaning

Despite their imposing size, which suggests physical strength, gorillas are big-hearted apes associated with gentleness and kindness. Like the wolf, this animal attaches considerable importance to its group, which it considers its family. 

Meaning: Strength, Compassion, Generosity et Leadership

The spiritual symbolism of the Gorilla

Despite their imposing size, which suggests physical strength, gorillas are big-hearted apes associated with gentleness and kindness. Like the wolf, this animal attaches considerable importance to its group, which it considers its family. 

Throughout the world, the gorilla's significance is linked to leadership and authority, as well as compassion, generosity and honor. This great ape also transmits protective energy. 

When this spirit animal appears in your life, it can only be good for you! Don't hesitate to wear a bracelet or necklace with a pendant representing your totem. It's the best way to feel its presence and energy with you every day. 

The gorilla is a spirit animal symbolizing leadership.

Gorillas are apes that live in groups in the wild. Like bees, they have a certain social organization, with a dominant male considered the leader. He alone makes decisions for the whole group. The dominant primate tells the rest of the group when to rest, when to eat and when to move. It's because of this distinctive behavior that the gorilla symbolizes authority and leadership.  

Gorilla leadership is different from that of a lion or polar bear. However, this spirit animal will help you become a leader so you can move step by step towards success. 

When you have the spirit animal gorilla with you, it can help you feel more confident. To be seen as a leader, it's important to always appear confident. The gorilla guides you to stop doubting and asking too many questions. 

This spiritual guide can also announce himself in your life if you need to be recognized by your community. The gorilla teaches you to take an interest in the people around you and to be more attentive to others. It will also teach you to invest in the events that take place among your professional or personal relations. Thanks to these attentions and actions, you'll become a more responsible person in the eyes of others. 

The gorilla totem spirit is the one you need when you're faced with a delicate situation. It will help you react quickly and efficiently to a situation that needs to be resolved urgently. This animal guides you to find the right solution. It shows you the way and teaches you never to be aggressive. On the contrary, the gorilla supports you in showing understanding, fairness and compassion.

With the gorilla at your side, you'll have the strength and motivation to work hard. You'll be ready to take on responsibility and see any project through to the end. This primate reminds you of the importance of finishing the tasks you start. It passes on to you its leadership character, which enables you to insist until you achieve satisfactory results. 
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Gorillas are apes with unique strength 

For humans, gorillas are seen as aggressive or dangerous because of their size and presence. In reality, a gorilla that feels threatened will first try to intimidate its adversary before resorting to violence. The main sign of intimidation used by this great ape is the image we all have in mind when it beats its chest with its front legs. 

The gorilla spirit animal will support you when you need to take a step back. It reminds you to act with discernment and encourages patience. Despite his incomparable strength, he prefers to use wisdom rather than violence. 

Determination and discipline are among the great qualities that the totem gorilla will pass on to you. The personal strength of the gorilla is unique and will give you the support you need when faced with a delicate situation. The wisdom and determination of this spirit animal will also help you make the right decisions. 

Like the wolf, the gorilla tends to protect its family and group. This spiritual guide and his authority will also serve as your protection. It encourages you to resolve conflicts and put yourself out of harm's way. It supports you in the face of adversity. 

The gorilla spirit animal symbolizes compassion and generosity.

Altruism is one of the gorilla's character traits. It's a strong symbol of this animal. It helps others first, and will defend its loved ones before thinking of itself. 

This totem will share with you its thoughtfulness, kindness, compassion and generosity. Those around you will know they can count on you when they need help. You'll have a positive influence on others and be able to improve and boost your sociability.  

Monkeys are very similar to humans, and are said to have a human nature. 

The energy and symbolism of the gorilla are often overlooked around the world, yet this spirit animal has much to share. Its generous heart and wisdom are incredible assets. 

Careful and attentive, this spiritual guide will look after your well-being and safety.. 

Already large in stature, this impressive monkey always holds his head high, no matter what situation he's faced with. Its nobility is pure and intense. Honor and dignity are among the symbols associated with this animal. 

The quiet strength of gorillas has a unique meaning. This spiritual guide teaches you to show courage, dignity and never shirk your responsibilities. He can intervene in all areas of your life. 

You can wear a bracelet bearing her image to keep her by your side at all times.

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