We are proud to support 6 animal protection associations, projects that are close to our hearts working for endangered species. Since 2020, over €21,000 has been donated, thanks to you! When you unpack your product, a QR code gives you access to a form to choose which association(s) you'd like to support. At the end of the year, we distribute the donations according to your choice and those of our other customers. You can see the proof of 2022 donations here.

Here is the list of our partner associations and their actions to preserve animals.

Bracelet association renard et ours polaire

AVES France

The Association de Valorisation de l'Environnement et de la Solidarité (AVES FRANCE) defends foxes, wolves and polar bears. It is committed to protecting the environment, preserving biodiversity and promoting solidarity. To this end, they carry out various awareness-raising, protection and support actions for international projects, as well as legal actions.

More info : Their website
Bracelet association raies


The Association Pour l'Etude et la Conservation des Sélaciens works to protect sharks, rays and the ecosystems they occupy. To this end, they contribute to the improvement of scientific knowledge and carry out awareness-raising actions to make these endangered animals better known.

More info : Their website


The Association pour la protection des animaux sauvages (ASPAS) aims to protect wildlife, rehabilitate wild animals and preserve natural environments in general. Wolves, bears, foxes, badgers, amphibians... It defends the voiceless of wildlife, species deemed cumbersome, insignificant or persecuted by hunting, and creates Réserve de Vie Sauvage ® for a free and wild nature..

More info : Their website
ASSO taniere

La Tanière Fonds de dotation

La Tanière is a refuge dedicated to the protection and rehabilitation of animals. The association supports big cats as well as endangered species such as wolves and bears. La Tanière specializes in caring for animals from abusive situations, illegal trafficking, circuses and laboratories, offering them a safe sanctuary for a better second life. They also work to raise public awareness of conservation issues..

More info : Leur site
ASSO Kalaweit


The Kalaweit association has been fighting to safeguard biodiversity in Indonesia since 1998. Particularly in Borneo and Sumatra, it collects gibbons and other animals from the wildlife trade, and works with local communities to protect their forests. Palm oil is the main threat to Indonesian forests.

More info : Their website

Bioparc Conservation

The Bioparc Conservation endowment fund is committed to the conservation of biodiversity and endangered animal species (giraffe, red panda, cheetah, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, etc.). To this end, the Bioparc supports Nature projects around the world, aimed at preserving, protecting and reproducing endangered animals..

More info : Leur site

Action in the field

In 2020, we had the chance to meet the AVES France team and take part in the redevelopment of the park. We interviewed Christophe, the president. Read his interview below.