The origins

Creating a lucrative business with meaning

We wanted to create an activity that would allow us to devote all our time to it, and therefore be lucrative, while at the same time giving it meaning and having a positive impact.

So we created Fauna, to help a cause that's particularly close to our hearts, that of animals.

Fauna photo
Fauna animals
Our mission

Helping endangered animals

All animals have a definite purpose and role to play on this planet. Yet many species are becoming extinct.
Not wishing to favor one animal over another, we decided to create a brand that helps many endangered animals by donating a portion of jewelry sales to associations working for their preservation. An association for every animal.

Our vision

Raising awareness in style

We want to create a community of committed people who take pride in wearing an elegant animal bracelet, one that represents you through your spirit animal, while helping it through the donations donated.

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Fauna engagement
Fauna actions
Our values

Coherent and aligned actions

Because we want to do more than just make donations, we do what we can to limit our environmental impact. The material used in our jewelry, stainless steel, is non-polluting and recyclable. We send your orders by green letter (-30% Co2) without plastic packaging and with a 100% recyclable envelope.

Any questions? Consult our FAQ or contact us.