copie bijoux Fauna

Our jewelry has been copied.

When we launched Fauna and our first collection, we used generic, royalty-free animal designs. We couldn't afford to pay a designer to create unique designs. That's why you can find the jewelry designs from this first collection on other sites as paintings or sometimes as necklaces.

In January 2021, for the creation of our new collection made in France, we worked on new designs. For this, we collaborated with a talented illustrator by the name of Laura. For 2 months, we designed them, together, and exchanged with us and our most loyal community to create designs that please and correspond to you.

FAUNA designs

Today, these designs have evolved to become the ones you know today in our new collection made in France. These designs belong to us and we registered them with the INPI on February 2, 2021.


Screenshot of some registered designs


Recently, we've been receiving messages from some of you that we're sourcing from Asian suppliers because our designs are available on one platform, at lower cost.

Fauna Copy

We want to be transparent with you.

Our jewelry is made in France. Molding, casting, polishing and plating are carried out in a family-run foundry near Marseille. We then receive them in individual parts (pattern, chains, primers) for hand-assembly, packaging and shipping, from our workshop in Montreuil.

Unfortunately, for reasons of confidentiality and competition, we can't reveal the name of this foundry in Marseille. But we have proved the manufacture by presenting videos in storie of our Instagram account and our Tiktok account. There aren't many videos of manufacturing in Marseille because they want to keep the know-how they've developed and not present it to the general public and potential competitors, which is understandable. But we're going to try to organize a visit to the foundry, showing the different stages in the creation of a piece of Fauna jewelry. As for the assembly work carried out in our workshop, you're welcome to drop in and see for yourself. We even offer on-site collection of your order. Our workshop is located at 20 rue Rabelais in Montreuil.

We are also in the process of applying for the Origine France label.



Some stages of creation

Misuse of the words "Fabriqué en France" is punishable by 2 years' imprisonment and a €300,000 fine. The risk involved isn't worth it, as we could be content not to indicate the country of origin if the product wasn't made in France.

But French manufacturing is very important to us in order to meet our commitment to make a positive contribution to society. That's why, after our first "test" collection, we brought production back to France, despite the higher cost. Read more in this article.

Despite our letters to this company, which copied our registered designs, the products have not been withdrawn from sale. Because of China's lax policy on copying, it's difficult to sue and be heard. Unfortunately, many products and brands are copied in this country. Even smaller ones, like us.

We do not force anyone to believe ourselves and to buy our products.
If you wish, you can buy these copies for less on the Asian platform. You'll receive (after 15 days to 1 month) a product with a similar design, but perhaps one that doesn't meet European standards, and above all, you're not buying the whole concept and the commitments that go with it. French manufacturing. Handcrafted assembly by French employees in respectable working conditions. Support for the animal cause. Our work to reduce our carbon footprint. Our research into spirit animals. Fast shipping and delivery. Customer service. Communication to raise our profile, payment of taxes, VAT, etc. etc. All this comes at a cost, which Asian sites don't have.

Two similar products can be very different. Whether it's a T-shirt, an accessory or a piece of jewelry, it's not just the price and the product itself that count, but everything that's gone into designing the product and the concept around it.

So it's up to you to make your choice, and we respect everyone's choice, but we wanted to give you a few explanations in all transparency.

Maori, creator of Fauna

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J’apprécie votre transparence. J’adore vos design et je souhaite de tout coeur que vous puissiez vous en sortir malgré tout. Bon courage ! ❤️

J’apprécie votre transparence. J’adore vos design et je souhaite de tout coeur que vous puissiez vous en sortir malgré tout. Bon courage ! ❤️

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