Animal totem Panda

Quels sont les animaux totems des célébrités ?

Les Animaux Totems associés aux célébrités Depuis des siècles de nombreux peuples et cultures ont établi des liens profonds avec les animaux totem. Les célébrités ne font pas exception à cette con...
tribus amérindiennes

The importance of spirit animals in Amerindian cultures

Native American cultures are deeply linked to nature, and animals occupy a special place in their beliefs and traditions. The Amerindians associate specific qualities with certain animals, which th...
chien et chat amitié

How do I find a friend's spirit animal?

Being friends with someone means you have a reciprocal feeling of affection. Whether you've been friends for years or just a few months, the strong ties you've built up with your friend can help yo...
Journée mondiale des ours aves

Meet us at the World Day to Save Bears with AVES France in Paris

Every year since 2017, AVES France has organized the World Day to Save Bears.The 2023 edition will take place on Saturday, February 25 from 10am to 6pm at Oasis 21, 2 rue de la clôture, 75019 PARIS...
Boutique fauna Galerie lafayette

Fauna at Galeries Lafayette

Come and meet us from July 6 to 10 at Galeries Lafayette (6th floor) to discover our jewelry, how it's made and much more!
Loup AVES France

Meeting with AVES France at Barenpark

In November 2021, we went to meet our partner association AVES France. The meeting took place at Barenpark in Germany, a rehabilitation park for animals released from captivity.It was an opportunit...
copie bijoux Fauna

Our jewelry has been copied.

When we launched Fauna and our first collection, we used generic, royalty-free animal designs. We couldn't afford to pay a designer to create unique designs. That's why you can find the jewelry des...
changement tarif livraison

Change in delivery rates

Dear customer,Since the launch of Fauna, we have offered delivery in France.Unfortunately, due to changes in the price of postage stamps and inflation, we are obliged to inform you that we will be ...
animal totem raie

The skate - One month, one animal

Can you hear the sound of the waves? What do you know about water?  The world of the oceans and its inhabitants The sea is a complete universe that holds so many surprises, both in terms of it...