We're committed to the animal cause, donating every year to 18 associations that work for the animals represented by our jewelry. Since 2020, we're proud to have donated over €16,000! You can transparently find proof of our 2022 donations here.

Here's a list of our partner associations and their actions to preserve animals.

Turtle Association bracelet

Oulanga Na Nyamba

They are actively committed to protecting the environment and, more specifically, sea turtles in Mayotte. Their most important project is the creation of the first sea turtle care and discovery center in Mayotte. The aim is to promote the sea turtle as a flagship species, emblematic but also threatened in Mayotte.

More informations : Their website

Renard and polar bear association bracelet

Aves France

The AVES FRANCE association defends foxes, polar bears and, more generally, wildlife and the environment. To this end, they carry out a variety of actions to raise awareness, protect and support international projects, as well as taking legal action.

More informations : Their website
LOUPS Association bracelet


SPW fights for the defense and protection of the wolf in Europe. The defense and protection of the various subspecies of common wolf in European countries, where necessary, through legal action both as plaintiff and defendant, before all Swiss, foreign, European and international jurisdictions.

More informations : Their site
Koala association bracelet

Australian Koala Foundation

Their mission is to reduce the threat to koala survival and raise the consciousness of all the world's citizens, enabling them to reverse the rapid degeneration of all the world's flora and fauna.

More informations : Their site
Association bracelet

Pandas International

Their mission is to ensure the preservation and propagation of the giant panda in a variety of ways: by raising awareness and educating the public, supporting research, preserving and improving habitat and assisting giant panda centers.

More informations : Their site
Giraffes association bracelet

Association pour la Sauvegarde des Girafes

ASGN aims to protect West Africa's last remaining giraffe herd. To achieve this, it supports the human populations living in the giraffe habitat area, on the Kouré forest plateau. One of its principles is to encourage the involvement of local people in the management of giraffe conservation, with a view to sustainable cohabitation.

More informations : Their site
Elephant Association bracelet

International Elephant Foundation

They are working to create a sustainable future for elephants. IEF generates and effectively invests resources to support elephant conservation, education, research and management programs worldwide.

More informations : Their site
Lion Association bracelet

Kevin Richardson Foundation

They own a nature reserve and their mission is to protect lions by preserving their habitat and reducing human-wildlife conflicts, as well as helping to put an end to lion hunting.

More informations : Their site
Association Abeilles bracelet

1001 Bees

The 1001 Abeilles association aims to inform everyone about the decline in "Biodiversity", using solitary or colony "Bees", wild or domestic, as spokespersons before an announced disappearance. The association envisages simple solutions, accessible and acceptable to all, to write another future...

More informations : Their site
Raie Association Bracelet


APEC is dedicated to rays and sharks. The association conducts scientific and educational programs to increase knowledge and awareness of these often endangered species, with a view to their conservation.

More informations : Their site
Tigres Association Bracelet


Awely coordinates and supports research and anti-poaching programs, as well as awareness-raising campaigns. It is active in Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

More informations : Their site
Association Baleines bracelet

Pacific Whale

PWF's mission is to protect the ocean through science and advocacy, and to inspire environmental stewardship.

More informations : Their site
Dauphins Association Bracelet

Dolphin Connection

The Dolphin Connection focuses on two aspects: raising public awareness of the problems posed by cetacean captivity, and taking legal action before the administrative and political bodies of the European Union.

More informations : Their site
Orcas Association Bracelet

Orca Conservancy

Orca Conservancy, which aims to restore the orca population in the south of the country and protect the wild places on which it depends.

More informations : Their site
Requins Association bracelet

Des Requins et des Hommes

Des Requins et des Hommes is an association that proposes a concerted approach to the problems of human/shark cohabitation, taking into account scientific, economic and societal considerations.

More informations : Their site
Stocking association bracelet

The SLOTH Conservation Foundation

The Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo) is dedicated to safeguarding sloths in the wild through research and conservation initiatives by funding and coordinating high-quality research into the biology, ecology, genetics and physiology of the six species of sloth.

More informations : Their site
Gorilles Association bracelet


Gorilla fights to protect gorillas and other primates by financing equipment to preserve national parks and combat poaching in Rwanda and Congo.

More informations : Their site
Rhinoceros association bracelet

International Rhino Foundation

IRF's mission is to ensure the survival of all five rhino species through strategic partnerships, targeted protection and scientifically sound interventions.

More info : Their website
Animals added after November 2021 have no partner association, so as not to dilute the amounts donated to our many associations. In this way, these new animal jewels contribute equally to these 18 associations.

Action in the field

In 2020, we had the chance to meet the AVES France team and take part in the redevelopment of the park. We interviewed Christophe, the president. Read his interview below.