Unite pleasure, symbol and impact

We give a goal to objects with deep sentimental value. Something we're proud to own or wear, thanks to a strong symbolism: our spirit animal, the animal representation of our personality, our protective guide.

Much more than that, Fauna is a team of young enthusiasts who want to help change the way we consume by creating a company that promotes French know-how, contributes to the animal cause, and, however humbly, to our beloved planet.

This objective is reflected in 5 commitments


Offer a personal connection through spirit animals


Promoting know-how and jobs in France


Help save wildlife


Minimizing the carbon footprint of our creations


Offering our customers an unforgettable experience

Offer a personal connection through spirit animals

We all aspire to give meaning to our lives, to define ourselves as individuals and as part of a community. We seek to be guided by our personality, our uniqueness. The spirit animal helps you to do this - everyone has one deep down inside.

Both present in your mind and now close to you through our creations, it accompanies and guides you in all aspects of your life. His presence gives you advice, lessons, protection, power and wisdom, in good times and bad. It's YOUR spirit animal.

Discover yours with our personality test.

Promoting know-how and jobs in France

We're proud to have opted for a French, local design and manufacturing approach, with a concern for human well-being and the enhancement of our know-how.Our models are imagined by a talented French designer, in close collaboration with our most dedicated community.The production of our jewelry is entrusted to a family-run workshop located in Provence, near Marseille.Assembly and packaging are carried out by hand by our team, in our premises near Poitiers. Discover the different stages of production.

The drawing

Our partner illustrator creates unique, detailed sketches and wishes for our community.

"Blackberries have bees"

Help save wildlife

We could insist on the urgency of the situation, on the danger hanging over the animals. It's true that it's a major problem, but some do it better than we do, and in dramatic fashion. Our approach is rather to raise our community's awareness of the animal cause in a positive way, because it's essential to keep hope alive.

At our level, we commit ourselves to the animal cause by donating 5% of our profits each year to associations dedicated to animal protection, concrete projects that are close to our hearts. We also carry out actions in the field, such as last year's collaboration with our partner, AVES France, in the redevelopment of Barenpark, a rehabilitation center for animals released from captivity.

Find out more about our associations.

Minimizing the carbon footprint of our creations

We are aware that producing jewelry is not the most environmentally-friendly product, but the challenge is to minimize the environmental impact of this pleasurable purchase and make it a more eco-responsible object. Our jewelry cords are made from clothing fibers and plastic bottles. The brass chain is mostly made from recycled metals. Our jewelry is wrapped in a natural cotton pouch, with a seeded paper card (planting card). In the future, we'd like to go one step further and use only recycled materials for our jewelry. We don't pretend to be perfect, and we accept that we have certain constraints. However, we strive to give our best in this process.

Avis clients Fauna

Offering our customers an unforgettable experience

One day, we received a photo of a little boy, a panda fan, sick but smiling and happy to be wearing his Fauna bracelet. From that day on, we understood that we were bringing a little happiness to everyone's daily life. Our aim is to create the best possible experience for our customers.

Whether it's product quality, packaging, delivery or customer service... We do our utmost to ensure that you are as satisfied as possible with your Fauna shopping experience.

We answer all your questions transparently